The Office Job

Edward Eidolon
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An odd team of assassins hunts their target across the urban sprawl of everyday America. But is this world real, or something more?

Gradie is trying to make it through another Friday at the office when he finds a gun in his workbag. He has no idea where it came from, his manager just scheduled a surprise performance review, and he has an unsettling feeling that he’s forgotten something important.

Paul is an absentee office supervisor by day and a money launderer by night. His life is great, until the heat comes down at work and his psychiatrist starts asking strange questions about his dreams. Paul has some questions of his own. How can he get out of the office unnoticed? Who are these maniacs shooting at him? And why does he feel like his life, isn’t his life?

The assassin’s job should be simple, but when your teammates are just as hazardous as the gunplay, and the target has friends in high places, it’ll take more than just skill and luck to see the job done; It’ll take something beyond the edge of reality. 

Highway shootouts, office building grenade battles, strange doors. The mundane meets the magical in this high-speed thriller where nothing is what it seems.

An ongoing serial with new episodes premiering every Sunday. Book 2 is releasing as an e-book in Summer 2022.

  • epub of The Office Job

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    30 pages
  • epub of The Office Job
  • Size339 KB
  • Length30 pages
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The Office Job

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